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It's been a long time since I've made an episode of ()V@!$. So, since I've gotten inspired to bring it back, OVALS is returning in an all new series!

I'm rewriting the whole series, all ten episodes, and continuing the series to finish Season one (Book 1)! After season one, I'll get to work on Book 2: Season 2, and meanwhile start selling the book for a cheap price. Each episode will be about $0.05 a piece, most likely. I'll keep planning once it's done.

I just started writing this new recreation, and should be done in a few months or so. It may take some time, since I still have some work to do on SunWorms. Just expect this to come soon in around September, maybe later, maybe a bit earlier?

I got some other stuff to explain. :iconmiss-charmy:, I will be putting Kevin in this series! I will actually be planning to make OVALS one of my main attractions, and I'll let my future fans debate whether this should be published in the end. Also, :iconkalsagnia:, I need your help with something! Please Note me or instant message me, just gotta talk to ya about this recreation and the previous series and how you can help me write the series!

"Everyone is hiding a secret, even when you don't know it."

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July 18, 2014


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